Sensation Presenting System and Sensation Presenting Device

There are provided a sensation presenting system and a sensation presenting device which allow a user to perceive a desired tactual stimulation based on a virtual bodily pseudo image recognized through a visual sensation. When a tactual sensing unit 5 gives a tactual stimulation to a back hand 3 of a user 2, and when a motional video picture is presented which displays a bodily pseudo image 25 and a tactual-sensing-unit pseudo image 26 are both in a virtual space, and in which the tactual-sensing-unit pseudo image 26 gives a virtual tactual stimulation to the bodily pseudo image 25, a motional video picture different from an operation of giving the tactual stimulation to the back hand 3 by the tactual sensing unit 5 is presented, and the user 2 is allowed to perceive a tactual stimulation corresponding to the virtual tactual stimulation based on the visual stimulation by the motional video picture and the tactual stimulation given by the tactual sensing unit 5, thereby allowing the user 2 to perceive a desired tactual stimulation.

US 20,110,080,273


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