Device and Method for Aligning the Position of Plate-shaped Parts

A device is proposed for the positional orientation of plate-shaped parts (12), comprising continuous conveying equipment (13) for conveying plate-shaped parts (12), an optical measuring device (15) assigned to the continuous conveying equipment (13) for determining the actual position of at least one specific plate-shaped part (12) and for comparing this actual position to a stored set position and for determining the deviation of the actual position from the set position, and a control unit (20) coupled to the optical measuring device (15) for controlling a positioning unit (19) such that at least one specific plate-shaped part (12) the deviation of which from the set position was determined can be picked up by the positioning unit (19) in a pick-up region and deposited in a defined delivery region in the correct position corresponding to the set position for transfer on the continuous conveying equipment (13).

DE 2,190,604

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