Memory Cell, and Method for Storing Data

The invention relates, among other things, to a memory cell for storing at least one piece of bit data. Said memory cell comprises at least two electrical terminals and a semiconductor structure with a band curve (EL) that has at least one potential well. The charged state of the potential well with charge carries can be increased by applying a supply voltage (Us=Uspeis) to the two terminals, can be reduced by applying a discharge voltage (Us=Usperr), and can be maintained by applying a maintaining voltage (Us=Ubei), the respective charged state of the potential well defining the piece of bit data of the memory cell. According to the invention, the semiconductor structure has a space charge region (Wn) while the potential well is formed by a semiconductor heterostructure. The semiconductor heterostructure and the space charge region are spatially arranged relative to one another in such a way that the semiconductor heterostructure is located within the space charge region when the maintaining voltage is applied, at the edge of or outside the space charge region when the supply voltage is applied, and within the space charge region when the discharge voltage is applied.

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