Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to a light emitting device comprising a substrate (10), an N-type semiconductor layer (20) formed on the substrate (10), and a P-type semiconductor layer (40) formed on the N-type semiconductor layer (20), wherein a side surface including the N-type or P-type semiconductor layer (20,40) has a slope of 20 to 80°from a horizontal plane, and wherein the N-type semiconductor layer of one light emitting cell and the P-type semiconductor layer of another adjacent light emitting cell are electrically connected to each other. Accordingly, there is an advantage in that the characteristics of a light emitting device such as luminous efficiency, external quantum efficiency and extraction efficiency are enhanced and the reliability is secured such that light with high luminous intensity and brightness can be emitted.

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JP 2,161,752

Inventor(s): HATADA, Masahiro

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