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Systems, Methods, and Devices for Tagging Carbon Dioxide Stored in Geological Formations

Methods and systems for tagging carbon dioxide to be stored in a geologic formation are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method includes: providing a carbon dioxide tracer that is quantifiable and distinguishable versus non-anthropogenic produced carbon dioxide; providing carbon dioxide to be stored in the geologic formation; determining what portion of the carbon dioxide is anthropogenic produced carbon dioxide; and mixing a predetermined quantity of the carbon dioxide tracer with the carbon d

Methods for Magnetic Imaging of Geological Structures.

Methods for imaging geological structures include injecting magnetic materials into the geological structures, placing at least one magnetic probe in a proximity to the geological structures, generating a magnetic field in the geological structures and detecting a magnetic signal. The at least one magnetic probe may be on the surface of the geological structures or reside within the geological structures. The methods also include injecting magnetic materials into the geological structures, placi

Cartilage Fluorescent Reporter Transgenic Zebrafish

Abstract (Set) In mammalian model organisms, cartilage formation and maturation is visually inaccessible, whether in the fetus or postnatally. Cell culture models for cartilage formation are readily accessible, but cannot exactly mimic in vivo conditions under which cartilage is formed and matures. Because the zebrafish embryo develops externally and rapidly, and is almost transparent, many developmental processes can be directly observed. With the addition of a fluorescent reporter gene, GFP,

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