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Dust Transport Application (DTA)

Dust storms throughout Sahara Africa, the Middle East and Asia are estimated to place between 200-5000 million metric tons of mineral dust into the earth's atmosphere each year. Dust storms directly affect visibility and impact daily commercial and military operations near desert regions. There is a need for a dust forecasting model with a 72-hour forecast capability. Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have developed The Dust Transport Application which is

Radio Frequency Beacon

One use for radio frequency beacons is to track the position of spacecraft that are in orbit outside the earth's atmosphere. It is important to know the position of such spacecraft as exactly as possible in order to aim ground based systems that are in communication with the spacecraft. Position information is also important to accurately interpret scientific data collected by spacecraft instrumentation for transmission back to earth. RF beacons deployed in space face tougher performance obs

New Technology for Smaller, Low-Cost Rotary Position Sensors (MFS-31237)

Abstract: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center developed this technology in effort to reduce the size of microgravity vibration isolation systems. The technology can be configured as a rotary position sensor, similar to conventional resolvers, but it uses a different concept for sensing rotary position. The sensor unit also can incorporate signal conditioning electronics into the housing body to develop the desired output. Benefits include: produces conventional resolver signals, high-quality sens

Method and Apparatus for High-Efficiency Direct Contact Condensation

A direct contact condenser having a downward vapor flow chamber and an upward vapor flow chamber, wherein each of the vapor flow chambers includes a plurality of cooling liquid supplying pipes and a vapor-liquid contact medium disposed thereunder to facilitate contact and direct heat exchange between the vapor and cooling liquid. The contact medium includes a plurality of sheets arranged to form vertical interleaved channels or passageways for the vapor and cooling liquid streams. The upward vap

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