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Method of identifying therapeutic agents

The present invention relates to a method of identifying agents suitable for use in treating epilepsy and other brain disorders, including but not limited to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression. The invention further relates to methods of treatment based on the use of agents so identifiable.

N-hydroxylsulfonamide Derivatives As New Physiologically Useful Nitroxyl Donors.

The invention relates to N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives for formula (I), (II) or (III), in which the variables are as defined in the claims, that donate nitroxyl (HNO) under physiological conditions and are useful in treating and/or preventing the onset and/or development of diseases or conditions that are responsive to nitroxyl therapy, including heart failure and ischemia/reperfusion injury. N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives release HNO at a controlled rate under physiological conditions, a

Compositions for Promoting Epigenetic Dna Demethylation and Methods of Use Therefore

The invention features compositions and methods for modulating the expression of Gadd45 and the use of such compositions and methods as neuroprotectants, to enhance neurogenesis, and for the treatment of mood disorders.

Portable Psychological Monitoring Device

The invention relates to a portable psychological monitoring device, comprising an input, an output, a repository and a processor. The repository comprises a plurality of questionnaires, each comprising one or more questions relating to a mental state of a user. The processor is arranged for selecting a first questionnaire of the plurality of questionnaires, and presenting at least one of the questions of the first questionnaire to the user via the output at a first moment that is random to the

Method for diagnosis and treatment of a mental disease

The present invention relates to association of one or more polymorphisms in the human NHP2L1, PACSIN2, SERHL, PIPPIN, BRD1, EP300, FAM19A5 and/or GPR24 genes to the occurrence of schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorder. The invention relates both to methods for diagnosing a predisposition to said diseases and for treating subjects having said diseases.

Muscarinic Agonists As Cognitive Enhancers

A method of treating a mental condition in a subject in need thereof, comprising: administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of compound CDD-102A.

Biomarkers for Schizophrenia Or Other Psychotic Disorders

The invention relates to a method of diagnosing or monitoring schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking with significant social or occupational dysfunction. Onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood, with approxim

Methods and Biomarkers for Diagnosing and Monitoring Psychotic Disorders

A method of diagnosing or monitoring a psychotic disorder, or predisposition thereto, comprises measuring, in a sample taken from a subject, the levels of one or more peptide biomarkers.

Treatment and diagnosis of behavioural disorders

The present invention concerns the identification of a novel drug target for use in the treatment of behavioural dis order, hi particular, the invention provides compounds capable of modulating the expression, function and/or activity of eIF4E, for use in treating a behavioural disorder as well as methods of identifying the same.

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