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Predefined image pattern forming method for photosensitive layer attached on e.g. offset printing plate, involves allowing part of radiation to lie outside incompletely hardenable pixel and within com

The method involves exposing a part of an incompletely hardenable pixel (21) using an amount of energy below a hardening-threshold value (Eth). A radiation is produced on a photosensitive layer (19) attached on a carrier substrate such that maximum energy density of a radiation, which is irradiated on the photosensitive layer for exposing the incompletely hardenable pixel, lies below the incompletely hardenable pixel. A part of the latter radiation is allowed to lie outside the incompletely hard

System and Method for Dynamically and Interactively Searching Media Data

The disclosed subject matter is directed to systems and methods for searching a database of media content wherein the user can dynamically and interactively perform searches and navigate search results. One or more search anchors are received, and at least one of the search anchors is associated with an anchor cell on a navigation map. One or more documents assigned to at least one cell on the navigation map can be determined, and the cells are populated with search results based at least in par

Printed Electronics

Printed electronic device comprising a substrate onto at least one surface of which has been applied a layer of an electrically conductive ink comprising functionalized graphene sheets and at least one binder. A method of preparing printed electronic devices is further disclosed.

Document Comparison

A method of comparing first and second documents, the method comprising determining criteria of the comparison, selecting comparison means based on the criteria from a plurality of comparison means, and performing the comparison of the first and second documents by using the selected comparison means. Also disclosed is a method of comparing first and second documents, the first document including or associated with one or more first concepts, the second document including or associated with one

Apparatus and Method for Direct Laser Printing

The invention relates to the direct printing of liquids that are transparent to, or weakly absorbent of, laser radiation on a receiver substrate, using a laser pulse strongly focused at a shallow point within the liquid contained in a container. The invention avoids the drawbacks of preparing a liquid film such as that which has been used in the prior art and allows repeated incidence of the laser pulse in the same position in the liquid without a reduction in reproducibility. The invention like

Lithographically printed cells

There are disclosed cells (100, 200, 300, 444) which include one or more layers formed by a lithographic printing process. The layers may be formed by offset lithographic printing. In one embodiment, a cathode substrate (110) is coated with a silver current collector layer (115) and a graphite layer (120). A paste (170) of manganese (IV) oxide and carbon is deposited over the graphite layer (120). A membrane (180) separates the anode and cathode. An anode substrate (140) is coated with a silver

Cleaning Module, EUV Lithography Device and Method for the Cleaning Thereof

In order to clean optical components (35) inside an EUV lithography device in a gentle manner, a cleaning module for an EUV lithography device includes a supply line for molecular hydrogen and a heating filament for producing atomic hydrogen and hydrogen ions for cleaning purposes. The cleaning module also has an element, (33) arranged to apply an electric and/or magnetic field, downstream of the heating filament (29) in the direction of flow of the hydrogen (31, 32). The element can be designed

Method of Simplification of Access to Internet Resources Placed on Internet, Links on which Are Published in Print and Electronic Media

WO/2009/013613 Invention relates to methods of representation of addresses of Internet resources placed on the Internet, in particular, to a web site with a database containing a link to an Internet resource and an alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric code assigned to it, or a code that uses other characters and/or symbols. The technical effect is the simplification of Internet links publication for the author of a printed or electronic publication, attained by using a shorter code in the publicat

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