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Wireless Electric Valve for Automatic Closing and Opening of Main Fluid Pipe

It is wireless valve for automatic closing and opening of main fluid pipe. It is aimed to prevent flooding water and other fluid damages in private/residential houses, business buildings / utility / security alarm systems etc.

Power Plant Changing Sea Wave Energy into Electric Energy

This invention is about a power plant changing the potential and kinetic energy within the wave motion into electric energy through the designed system. The pontoon element positioned on a main shaft is moved vertically up/down and this motion is transferred to the pulleys as rotary motion through the belt. As a result of the changing of linear motion into rotary motion, the input shaft of reducer is actuated both clockwise and counterclockwise. This two-way motion is changed into one-way rotary

Venturi Wind Turbine

The venturi wind turbine has been developed for high torque low rotor speed applications such as water pumping, water desalination, air compression and pond aeration. The twin rotor configuration creates an area of low pressure between the rotors. This low pressure area reduces the drag of the rotors and allows more power to be extracted from the wind. As air accelerates between the rotors the air pressure drops. This pressure differential is used to create lift on the rotor airfoils as they

Device for the Treatment and Disinfection of Solids and Fluids by Laser Radiation

The invention is designed to treatment and disinfection all kinds of solids and fluids (liquids and gases), characterized by use generators emitting laser in pulsed and continuous wave within the limited of 0.38 to 1000 microns, to which they are installed in his head terminal (output coupler) a device consisting of a diverging lens of zinc selenide (ZnSe), gallium arsenide (GaAs), fluorite (CaF2), germanium (Ge), quartz (SiO2) or similar material, variable opening under the surface to be treate

Disinfection by Laser

OBJECT OF THE INVENTION. The purpose of the invention is the treatment, disinfection and cleaning of all types of solids and fluids (liquids and gases), characterized by using pulsed and continuous wave laser emission generators between the limits of 0.38 to 1000 um, to which installs in its terminal head (output coupler) a device consisting of a divergent lens of zinc selenide (ZnSe), gallium arsenide (GaAs), fluorite (CaF2), germanium (Ge), quartz (SiO2) or other material similar, variable op


Liquid conservation device that automatically diverts the initial wasted potable cold water that goes down the drain when the hot tap is turned on from 3 litres up to 20 litres. Water is diverted to storage tank or later use. The device has been designed around sustainable principles, requiring no power activate. The device can be used either for a single outlet, or a series of outlets on either household or commercial properties (eg. showers, sinks, baths - such as sports/recreation centre show

Leak Stopping Sprinkler Heads

Field of Invention This invention relates to the field of water conservation and more specifically to lawn irrigation sprinkler heads designed to prevent water loss should the sprinkler head be damaged. ABSTRACT A leak stopping sprinkler head includes a hollow body that has an upper portion and a lower portion fluidly connected to a valve body. The upper portion has a spraying nozzle and a first internal diameter. The lower portion has a second, larger internal diameter. The valve

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