Global R&D Expert, Adjacent and Seed Care Technology Opportunity Manager

Status: Search Completed
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted referral.
An accepted referral is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. is seeking a candidate for the position of Global R&D Expert, Adjacent and Seed Care Technology Opportunity Manager.

Title Global R&D Expert, Adjacent and Seed Care Technology Opportunity Manager
Location Berkshire, England
The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are eligible to live and carry out the particular role in the UK.

Role Purpose

To seek, identify, evaluate and champion as appropriate, adjacent technology and seed care opportunities which have the potential to add value to core Syngenta assets and contribute to the delivery of strategic targets.

  • Establish networks across the organisation and externally of influencers, information providers and collaborators.

    • Maintain an awareness of relevant innovations, opportunities and initiatives across Syngenta and externally, form objective views on their potential relevance or impact on value creation and communicate as appropriate.

    • Use creative approaches and individual inventiveness to identify potential new technology solutions to grower and Syngenta challenges, judging and communicating these objectively for value creation.

  • Engage with the strategic ambitions behind crop team decisions and strategies and support their delivery.

    • Question and challenge in order to fully appreciate the underlying goals.

    • Take responsibility for evaluating external technology proposals and internal ideas for their suitability and feasibility.

    • Use knowledge, expertise, leadership and creativity to lead or assist as appropriate in the development of integrated solution strategies and delivery of significant multi disciplinary projects which may require challenging conventional thinking.

  • Establish a partnership with Seed Care Research, Development and Business partners to contribute to a strategy for seed care innovation that makes effective and efficient use of both internal and external opportunities.

    • Evaluate external technology proposals and internal ideas for their feasibility and relevance to SC.

    • Use knowledge, expertise and creativity to identify novel opportunities for SC to contribute to integrated solution strategies.

  • Build a personal reputation for cross disciplinary innovation and delivery and contribute to delivery of a corporate culture in this respect.

    • Become a focal point for technology innovators and idea generators


  • To evaluate relevant collaboration opportunities, identify those with potential value to Syngenta and ensure all are appropriately and accurately reviewed and recorded.

  • To understand established and developing technology landscapes, both in house and external such that:

    • Potential strategic opportunities for Syngenta are identified.

    • Expert judgement is applied in determining technical feasibility at scale and potential commercial value of novel Integrated Solutions opportunities.

    • Integrated solution concepts and opportunities are communicated appropriately to crop and asset teams as appropriate.

  • Ensure crop teams and R&D leads are engaged and supported in the delivery of novel Integrated Solution concepts.

  • Ensure external collaborators, senior Syngenta scientists, crop teams and managers are appropriately engaged with evaluation and initial development of novel Integrated Technology solutions which include adjacent or seed care technologies.

  • Ensure the Syngenta Scouting Network is supported in the scouting and evaluation of adjacent technology and novel seed care solutions.

  • Ensure the Adjacent/Delivery Technology Evaluation and Prototyping team is supported and values the unique insights the post holder can provide

  • The post holder will act such that they are recognized as a valued and key member of the Syngenta Scouting Network

  • Opportunities to broaden and build specific areas of knowledge and expertise will be taken up proactively

    • Conferences and meetings with institutes or individual experts are attended as appropriate.

    • Awareness of Syngenta and our brand is communicated externally.

    • Communication inside Syngenta of the opportunities presented by external collaboration and integrated solutions is appropriate and inspirational.

Transition Accountabilities

  • The post holder will become well acquainted with the detail and thinking behind the current crop strategies and will formulate a personal view on where adjacent or seed care technologies may be able to play a relevant role in their delivery.

  • The post holder will develop a good working relationship with R&D crop leads and Portfolio Leads as well as other Syngenta scientists and managers relevant to delivery of their role.

  • The post holder will be familiar with SEOS and will use it routinely to manage external offers of technology.

  • The post holder will be able to stand in for their manager at internal/external meetings and presentations.

Knowledge Skills and Experience

Critical Knowledge:
  • A broad understanding and appreciation of the scientific research environment.
  • A good knowledge (or demonstrated appreciation) of Syngenta's scientific and business activities.
  • An excellent internal network within Syngenta R&D and into the business or demonstrated ability to acquire such.
  • A general understanding of global agriculture, the major crops, their cultivation and specific technologies as well as grower issues and challenges.
  • Knowledge of SC product concepts, their advantages, limitations and challenges.

Critical Experience:
  • At least 10 years relevant experience, preferably in the land based industries, preferably in a variety of roles.
  • Experience in working successfully with external partners, including SME's.
  • Demonstrated successful leadership of major projects and multifunctional teams.
  • Developed appreciation of grower requirements, preferably from field observation/experience.
  • Experience in initiation, management and analysis of new/speculative projects including motivation of other, possibly skeptical, staff.

Critical Technical, Professional, & Personal Capabilities:
  • Creative, inventive and innovative. Solutions oriented
  • Comfortable working with ambiguity and challenge
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to communicate enthusiasm to an audience and work well with multidisciplinary teams
  • High level of credibility as a solutions innovator inside and outside Syngenta
  • Prioritisation and multi-tasking
  • Networking and relationship development
  • Ability to rapidly judge the quality and potential strategic value of a technology
  • Ability to solve problems, resolve issues and drive results to challenging deadlines, sometimes through teams where key players may need motivation and encouragement to collaborate in new ways.
  • Lateral thinking, with the ability to identify, combine and exploit relevant technologies from other industries or applications.

Critical Leadership Capabilities: Sets ambitious strategic goals
Uses foresight to develop ambitious strategies, and aligns individual and team objectives with the bigger picture

Leads change and holds ambiguity
Uses effective strategies to facilitate organizational change initiatives and overcomes resistance to change

Builds a culture of innovation
Creates an environment that supports creativity, and coaches people to spark innovation

Collaborates across boundaries
Collaborates effectively across organizational and functional boundaries, and leverages diversity

Focuses on customers
Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers