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What We Do

Open Innovation Services

Simplify your innovation process by choosing the service that's appropriate for your project

Problem Solving

Confidential R&D Problem Solving

Teams of diversified Problem Solvers work to solve your
public or confidential challenges

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Team challenges, consultants and project solutions for big data,
machine learning, artificial intelligence and adjacent fields

Challenge Writing

Polish your challenge definition to maximize its effectiveness
in delivering solutions. Contact us for further information.

Grand Challenges

Platform, management and marketing for major challenges
with national or global impact.

Idea Generation


An intense week of brainstorming with a hundred experts in your field.


Enterprise crowdsourcing software to harvest and develop solutions internally.

Ideation Contests

Prize-based contests elicit crowdsourced ideas, while publicizing your cause.


Technology Scouting

Beyond databases, beyond Google search, our human networks unearth relevant technologies.

Prior Art Citation Search

Obscure documents are uncovered by our network of researchers.

Executive Search

Applicants with unique skill sets are discovered by engaging our extensive network.

Consultant Search

Find the perfect consultant for your project using IdeaConnection's resources.

Innovation Portal

Open Innovation Portal

A secure place where innovators can submit their technologies to you.

Open Innovation Portal Support

Maximize your innovation portal's success with active outreach, traffic generation, marketing, and submission screening.
Contact us and discover which approach to problem solving
best addresses your open innovation needs.

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