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IdeaConnection conducts prior art citation searches (PACS) for patent prosecution, litigation, fighting patent trolls, validity search and patent invalidity. To complement your traditional services, IdeaConnection conducts PACS searches in a very different way from any other resource. Instead of using passive, traditional search procedures, IdeaConnection incentivizes our global network, and awards each relevant citation uncovered.

If you have used these sources: USPTO EAST System, Delphion®, LexisNexis®, Dialog®, Derwent WPI®, INPADOC®, MicroPatent PatentWeb®, Questel-Orbit®, STN®, CAS®, GenomeQuest®, ACM®, IEEE®, and not found what you want, it's time to use IdeaConnection's PACS service.

IdeaConnection aggressively mobilizes our extensive network of researchers, using an economic incentive to motivate them to search their own networks of colleagues, research partners and academic peers.

Actively building these networks, our members examine common methods, as well as obscure non-patent literature, presentations, posters, oral proceedings, grant proposals, lecture notes, academic thesis' (PhD & Masters), conference proceedings, foreign language citations, and government reports, among many other physical and digital resources beyond what online searches alone can uncover.

IdeaConnection succeeds because we have thousands of relationships with foreign associates around the world who have access to non-traditional and unconventional disclosures.

Our clients have found that we are extraordinarily successful at finding publically disclosed or described obscure citations, with a 60% success rate to-date.

We provide invalidity searches for anticipatory prior art as a contingency service with no upfront fee. For this service, clients describe prior art they need, put a bounty on it, and pay only for accepted citations.

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