Work Available for University Students and Graduates

IdeaConnection has work available for university graduates, BScs, PhDs and post doc's. Help the world innovate.

This work is for our clients who are mostly Fortune 500 companies.

Part time jobs are available in biotech, science, chemistry, genetics, plant science, biology, botany, earth science, material science, physics, and engineering.

This part time work can be done from your home computer.

There are several different areas of involvement where you can earn money.
  1. You can [SIGN UP NOW] to receive invitations to work as a Problem Solver online, as part of a team with a facilitator on R&D problems. Average award is $5,000.

  2. And

    You can start work immediately on any of the following opportunities today.
  3. Find These Technologies:

  4. Refer a Colleague:

    Earn $500 if your referred colleague wins a challenge.

Beside earning money, there are two other great benefits from working with us:

  1. Meeting and working with brilliant colleagues,

  2. Possible consulting and or full time work with the company whose challenge you have been working with us on.

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There is a tremendous amount of interesting work to be done and we welcome your help.

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