Venture IQ

Venture IQ offers software & services for global technology & innovation scouting. Venture IQ assists corporates in finding technology companies to partner with or invest in. To find technology companies across the world in all industries, we use proprietary cutting-edge data analytics tools. Venture IQ was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2015 and we are now serving a growing number of leading corporate companies and venture capital funds in various industries. Venture IQ Software

Catalist is a unique combination of two things that are needed to outperform on your technology scouting and innovation activities: a database to bring you the results you’ve been looking for all along and a platform that enables you to collaborate, work faster, and smarter on technology scouting and innovation activities. Our database contains over 150M company websites, and all companies that ever filed a patent over the last 30 years in key markets. We smartly integrate information from other sources, to bring you the full picture.


Looking for new and innovative technologies or start ups to collaborate with or invest in? Using Catalist and primary data sources, we can perform global searches based on your criteria. Our methodology is based on over 20 years of investing experience and proven successful for over 50 clients already. We help you to improve your volume and quality of your deal flow and innovation funnel, so that you can focus on engaging with the right start-ups and technologies out there.

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