The Core Team

These are the people with the passion, knowledge and skills behind the IdeaConnection innovation machine. We are dedicated to empowering you to create exceptional solutions, to out-perform your competition in the innovation arena, and to become leaders in your field.

Paul Wagorn
Paul Wagorn, President, Senior Rep

Paul Wagorn has more than 18 years of experience in the information technology industry, including more than 11 years of Internet and e-commerce experience. Previously, Paul served as the chief operating officer of Worldbid Corporation, where he was instrumental in developing the patent-applied-for technology. He is also the founder of MerchantSense Consulting, where he created a software solution to the massive issue of online credit card fraud. In addition, Paul worked as a marketing and search engine consultant at Online Legal Marketing.

Paul was previously employed as a corporate sales manager at JD Micro Devices, Inc., where he co-developed the point-of-sale software and experienced a 300% sales increase under his leadership. He gained additional experience working for Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada, where he led a team that updated the data retrieval system for Canadian patents and developed a quality assurance system for patent examiners.

Paul received a scholarship to attend the University of Waterloo, and completed courses toward his Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering. He has also completed business administration courses.

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Nicole Van Herwaarden
Nicole Van Herwaarden, Senior Open Innovation Project Manager

Nicole graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc. in biology in 2006 where she realized her passion for discovering new ideas by studying the imaginative and innovative thinkers of our past. She then went on to spend three years learning about the inner workings of small to medium sized businesses as a trusted advertising representative. Nicole is excited to combine her scientific interests and business knowledge to her role with IdeaConnection. Nicole loves to problem solve and commits herself thoroughly to all challenges.

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Jonathan Knopp
Jonathan Knopp, Systems Engineer

Jonathan Knopp completed his BASc in Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia in 1999. He has spent most of his time since then designing and implementing website backends on the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), focusing on ground up custom coding to maximize efficiency, speed, and security. Frontends of the standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript variety occupy nearly as much of his time, with a similar focus on performance in the form of cross-browser compatibility, loading speed, and rendering speed.


Ann Eastman
Ann Eastman, Research & Development of Open Innovation Challenge Writing

Ann has over 20 years of plant science and biotechnology experience in the private sector, government and academia. She has worked in pure and applied research, commercialization, and science communication in agriculture, food and bioproducts, exploring a breadth of opportunities in the bioeconomy. Her multidisciplinary education and experience in plant physiology, biochemistry, and biotechnology, and participation in the evolving world of innovation provide her with a solid foundation for the analysis and communication of complex challenges.

Ann earned an MSc in Plant Biochemistry from the University of Guelph in Ontario and a PhD in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is delighted to use her technical communication expertise to foster open innovation through IdeaConnection.

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Paul Arnold
Paul Arnold, Writer

During his time at the BBC, Paul produced hundreds of programs in science, news, light entertainment and magazine features. He travelled the world and interviewed celebrated people in many fields – Nobel Prize winners, politicians, film stars and musicians. Paul now makes his home in Spain from where he writes science, lifestyle, political and business articles for magazines and websites.

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