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Earn $2,000 to $10,000+ per accepted submission


You can earn significant money by finding companies with particular technologies, manufacturing abilities, or patents. Register as a Technology Scout to receive invitations to source technologies for pay. Awards of $2,000 to $10,000 per successfully accepted lead. Click on one of our ongoing searches below for more information or to submit a lead now.


Register to become a Technology Scout with IdeaConnection® and receive invitations when new technology searches are launched. Each search has separate parameters and a full technology description. Locate and contact potential candidates who own or are developing these technologies and submit their information and technology for us to review and send to our client.

If you are submitting a technology that does not belong to you, you must contact the IP Holder and ensure your information is correct and that they are interested in entering into a discussion about supplying this technology prior to submitting. Please see the outlined box of rules for submitting at the bottom of each of our challenge descriptions. Submissions not verified with the IP Holder are not eligible for the award.

If our client chooses to accept and pursue your submitted lead, you will receive an award for your work. The award amounts are typically between $2,000 to $10,000 USD. Each invitation you are sent will describe the details and award amounts for that particular challenge.

Sourcing technologies can require a great deal of creativity and involves going beyond Google searches and databases. Ideas for starting your search include, but are not limited to:
  • Accessing your ‘network of networks’; friends of friends, colleagues, past colleagues, acquaintances, and more
  • Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to promote your search
  • Posting and hosting discussions on appropriate sites such as in your LinkedIn groups
  • Requesting your search to be added to internal newsletters at companies, groups or Universities
  • Searching University websites set-up to promote their new and emerging technologies

Special Note: At no point in your search should you represent that you are working for IdeaConnection or are an employee of IdeaConnection, Ltd. Misrepresentation can lead to your membership being cancelled.


Search for prior art citations for particular topics and technologies on behalf of our clients. Submit previously published articles, patents, and other literature from specific time periods or sources, as requested by the client. Specific details are available in the specific search descriptions you will receive.


If you are interested in doing research, make sure to check off the "Research" checkbox in the categories listed on the sign up form. You will then be sent offers to do research work.

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