Soybean Nematodes Field Diagnostic Services

Status: Completed
$10,000 referral fee for accepted leads.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

A client is seeking a contract service provider or research group to identify and quantify nematodes, soybean cyst nematodes in particular, in soybean fields in several US States (IA, MO, IL, IN and AR).

Evaluations of the populations of soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines, root-knot nematodes species (Meloidogyne spp.) and lesion nematode species (Pratylenchus spp.) are desired. Diagnosis at three timepoints in the production cycle, before sowing, mid-season and at harvest, in two fields per US State is needed.

Eligible service providers must be able to:
  • Demonstrate a current capability of in-field nematode detection and quantification for soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines, in different developmental stages;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of soybean production, e.g. field conditions; and
  • Apply that knowledge to develop statistically valid field sampling experiments for nematode assessments.

Ideally, the service provider will be able to:
  • Detect and quantify different developmental stages of Heterodera glycines;
  • Detect and quantify root-knot (Meloidogyne spp.) and lesion (Pratylenchus spp.) nematode species; and,
  • Work in at least three of the five the States listed (IA, MO, IL, IN and AR).