Outsourcing ELISA, Southern Blots & Insect Bioassays to laboratories capable of performing analysis under GLP

Status: Completed
$10,000 referral fee for accepted leads.

A client wishes to identify one or more laboratories or contract research organizations (CROs) that have the ability to perform various types of protein and/or DNA analyses under GLP.

The actual development of various DNA or protein methods is a desirable feature of a potential partnership but the client could develop methods internally and transfer them to a CRO.

Preference would be given to a provider on the east coast of America who can develop and execute both DNA and protein analyses under GLP and meet the quality requirements (some objective, some subjective)

The organization must be of sufficient quality to meet stringent criteria, and must be familiar with the regulatory submissions made for agricultural products made using biotechnology.

Following is a list of analyses/capabilities that are desirable, however not all may be required:

  • Perform any or all analyses below in compliance with GLPS
    • Quantify protein using ELISA from various plant tissues grown in field or greenhouse
      • Develop new ELISA methods for proteins (desirable)
      • Develop and utilize multiplexed protein quantification methods
    • Characterize proteins to evaluate thermostability, pH optima, activity and stability in simulated gastric and intestinal fluids
      • Use techniques such as SDS-PAGE, Western blot, enzyme activity, glycosylation immunoblot, mass analysis, protein purity analysis, ELISA
    • Perform molecular characterization of genetically modified crops by Southern analysis, DNA sequencing, PCR, and to identify homology to putative allergens and toxins
    • Provide a quality supply of plant pest insect eggs including Colorado Potato Beetle
    • Execute insect feeding bioassays coupled with protein quantification (ELISA) of the plant tissues and plant-derived substrates that will be fed

  • Perform any or all tasks below without GLP compliance
    • Perform PCR method validation work
    • Conduct processing, homogenization and sample stabilization (lyophilization) of plant tissues
    • Analyze data and compile reports in RFP Sponsor's format (preferred)

  • $10,000 referral fee for accepted leads.