Personal Air Vehicle Technology

Define new and innovative technology components that enable building a vehicle which can either be used as a 2-4 person ground transport that can both drive on roads or be changed into a flying craft with vertical take off capability.

PHASE I: Prepare an initial personal air vehicle concept design that supports the modeling of selected key elements (propulsion, morphing wing/surfaces, flight control). Develop detailed analysis of predicted performance for the selected key technical elements (propulsion, morphing wing/surfaces, and flight control). Perform modeling and simulation of the selected key technical elements, and define and develop key component technical milestones. Phase I deliverables will include for the selected key technologies suitable simulations, and modeling results and the development plans.

PHASE II: Construct and demonstrate the operation of prototypes of the key component technologies (propulsion, morphing wing/surfaces and/or flight control). Establish performance parameters of these key technologies through experiments using the prototypes.

PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: Develop, demonstrate, and validate a full scale flying/driving prototype of the personal air vehicle. The prototype personal air vehicle should be able to transport 2 to 4 personnel either by driving on the ground or by flying. This personal air vehicle should also have a vertical take-off capability that is not restricted to prepared surfaces for the most military utility.

Proposals accepted December 8, 2008 to January 14, 2009.

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