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Repairing Gears

Seeking Methods for Repairing Industrial Gears
$2,500 referral fee for each accepted lead.

IoT Sensors for Mining

We are looking for partnership or sponsorship for our innovative sensors for mining industry.

IoT - Internet Of Things

I /we are seeking IOT technology or existing companies that are certain to selll immediately.

Grout Technology Required

Our industry needs a grout technology with high bond strength. The grout which can resist stains and corrosion to beverages and other chemicals, food, and cleaners etc. Moreover, they may additional...

Development of Honey Extractor

We need to develop a mess and fuss-free honey extracting technology compared to currently adopted, conventionally applied processes. There is a need to develop a set-up which is designed in such a w...

ALL Patents Pertaining to Digital Technologies and Consumer Goods

We are looking for any type of patent that you believe has a large market. Our company, Rogelberg Consulting Company, is representing a large amount of buyers in an upcoming auction/discussion and


A light wearable device for giving haircut to a man at home, from possible few styles, possible depending on the profile of the person's head.

Advanced Skin Care

Technologies applicable in topical products that can measurably improve the skin's intrinsic ability to withstand chemical, microbiological, or physical environmental insults. In essence, the desire i...

Cleansers, Cologne, Aftershave and Deodorant

I would like a formula for the following; moisturizing cleansers, cologne with oriental woody notes, aftershave, and deodorant for sensitive skin.

Open Source Refrigerator

Open-source, USB-connected refrigerator. Efficient as compression-based refrigerators, american style, acting as central hub for your kitchen automation. Smart refrigerator with open source companion

Environmentally Friendly Latex Substitute for Weather Balloons

The required material must 1) be nontoxic, environmentally friendly, wildlife safe, and dissolve or quickly degrade to harmless components within hours or days of being introduced into the environ...

Bio Chip

I want a bio chip that can detect the woman's period blood by its unique features or by colour.

Looking for Air Conditioning Energy Saving Technology

We want to find some new energy-efficient air-conditioning refrigeration technology solutions, such as non-compressed refrigeration, radiation refrigeration, laser refrigeration, magnetic refrigeratio...

Acid Detection

Seeking to find a way to detect different levels of acids.

Alternative to Acetic Anhydride

Industry need to find alternative solvent to acetic anhydride in determination of Hydroxyl Value, As acetic anhydride is banned item. There is need to technology to find alternative to serve the testi...

Petrochemicals from Syngas

In Pakistan good number of coal gasification units are produced and used during the energy crisis period. Now there is need to find some high value usage of these units like producing petrochemicals f...

Quality Improvement of LABSA

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid ( LABSA ) 96 % is a detergent. Locally produced LABSA when used cause following issues like a) Hand Burning, b) Less Foaming and c) Wetting. There is need of techno...

Recycling of Ship Propeller (Fan)

Ship Propeller (Fan) is spared from ships during ship breaking in Gadani, Baluchistan. This propeller is made of very high rich material. The is exported to China for recycling. There is need of techn...

Marble Finishing Technology

There is need to develop local technology and process design to produce marble tiles with high quality of finishing.

Marble Cutting Technology

Most of the miners of Marble uses blast mining which leads to 70% wastage of rich resources. We are looking for friendly technology to be used by miners to cut squire form of marble blocks. There are

looking for tech in Hand Tools , Consumer products

looking for tech in Hand Tools , Consumer products

ArtificialKidney or Self Generated Kidney

Many people in the world suffers from kidney failure. If an artificial kidney which works like the real kidney; kidney failure patients will no longer need to go through the pain of dialysis and long

Technology for Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) Resin

Need technology for Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) Resin

Grain silos for food grain storage

Need technology for manufacturing of Grain silos for food grain storage.

Direct reduction of iron

Need technology for producing DRI from iron ore.

Processing of stevia- sweetener

Stevia is a new kind of sweetener and it is widely accepted in the market. Need technology for production of Stevia sweetner.

Citrus wax coating for preservation

We are looking for economical and feasible formulation and process design of Fruit Wax.

Technology of Flux Coating for Welding Rod

Need technology of Welding Flux coating for Mild Steel. Especially AWS E6013 and AWS E7018 are used for welding of mild steal. Our company need technology that develops raw material (Flux coating).

H acid

we are looking for technology of H Acid used as dyes intermediate

Supper Absorbant Polymer

We are looking for technology of Supper Absorbant Polymer to be used in baby diapers

Manufacturing of Medical disposables from PP non woven textiles

We want design, and material source, and process details for manufacturing medical disposables, such as surgical drapes, surgical wraps, under pads, doctor's gown, mask, cap, etc from PP non woven tex...

Digital Storage- Flash and Online Storage , And Computer Technology

Buyers looking for digital storage solutions including cloud storage and flash memory. New and interesting compression algorithms, data processing, and improved online memory. We also accept inv...

Information Communications Technology and Power Management

Looking for patents that involve software, computers, networking, and communication. Also looking for solar patents, power management, and other technologies.



ANTIFOAM 35% and 50%

We need an Anti-foam which will be used in Textile and other pharmaceutical and confectioneries industry. Anti-foam should be 35% and 50% silicon based to resolve the issues.

Ultra Light Weight Water Pump

I need a technology for pumping water with ultra light weight motor pump with any discharge rate not less than 4000 liter per day. And also the power consumption should be not more than 1000 watts per...

Malaria diagnosis

Diagnostic kit for malaria antigen in urine sample

Technology for Cellulase Production

I am in need of a microbial strain for cellulase by Solid state fermentation. The CFU activity should be more than 2000 FPU/gm and 3000-6000 CMCU/gm.

Hot & Cold Thermoplastic Road marking Reflective Paint

This is a special Thermoplastic Screed paint already used but,i need a screed or paint that can resist high temperatures of up to 60 C for tropical countries(Africa -Middle East Regions)and that can

transparent soap

need to develop alchohol free, free sodium hydroxside free transparent soap which is within the ph value of 5.5 - 6.00 .this must be done using virgin coconut oil,stearic acid, sodium laural eather su...

Soil-less Potting System to Transport Mature Trees

I am looking for a system and/or methodology that will allow me to dig up mature trees currently growing in natural soil on farms in Thailand (palm trees, flowering trees and fruit trees with a height...

Broadband over Power Lines

I am seeking solutions for Using Electric powerline as a means of providing broadband internet connectivity to home users, cost effective gadgets, etc yet affordable in a third world country

Automatic closing of cupboard doors

Most marriage couples have one partner who closes cupboard doors, while the other partner leaves them open. This is a cause of frustration that can be eliminated by means of innovation. We seek an i...

shear thickening fluid technology

We are looking someone to invent a kind of the fluid in which behaves like a solid when it encounters mechanical stress or shear. In other words, it moves like a liquid until an object strikes or agit...

Software Processes for Alignment Capitalisation

A Web portal capable of offering interaction between users and a data base software program that transforms user inputs along a process of data transforming stages, each stage subjected to assessments...

PET recycle

We are looking for a technology for PET recycling from flake to other product with application in building construction or tiles production.

Measurement Technologies for Gas Analyses

We are searching for innovative or improved measurement technologies, products & materials for chemical (mainly gas) analyses. The following are suggestions based on current product and market streng...

Binder solutions for metal casting

We are searching for innovative binder solutions for the manufacture of molds and cores used in the production of metal castings. In particular, binders with the following qualities: • Either a c...

Low Fluorescence Epoxy Photoresist

Titled material for use in Bioanalytical technology.

Waste to Liquid fuel

We are seeking technology which convers waste (MSW)/industrial waste/Agricultue waste into liquid fuel.

Nanotechnology for Nervous System Applications

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is interested in research leading to the development and demonstration of: 1. Nanoscale materials that modulate differentiation...

Nanotechnology for Environmental Applications

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is interested in supporting research projects for the: 1. Evaluation of individual exposure to toxicants both external and internaliz...

Nanotechnology for Voice, Language, Smell, Taste

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) is interested in supporting projects that utilize nanotechnology to address normal and disordered processes of voice, speec...

Nanotechnology for Dysfunctional Tissue

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is interested in supporting projects that utilize nanoscience and nanotechnology to: 1. Build devices that integrate with dysfun...

Nanotechnology for Biomaterials

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) is interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology as it relates to the Institute’s scientific program areas (

Nanotechnology for Musculoskeletal and Skin Health Applications

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) is interested in supporting research and development involving nanoscience and nanotechnology approaches for musculosk...

Nanoscale Devices Alcoholism

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is interested in supporting projects to design, develop and make use of nanoscale devices for: 1. Determination of in vivo alcohol and...

Nanotechnology on Aging

The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is interested in supporting research and development leading to: 1. Nanomaterials or nanoprobes for imaging, detecting and measuring biological processes that

Nanotechnology involving DNA

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is interested in projects involving nanoscience and nanotechnology to develop: 1. Innovative techniques for DNA sequencing; 2. Novel hybridiz...

Nanotechnology for the Heart, Lungs and Blood Diseases

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is interested in the use of nanotechnology for the diagnosis and treatment of heart, lung, and blood diseases. Examples of NHLBI interests include...

Nanotechnology for Visual System

The National Eye Institute (NEI) is interested in supporting research and development involving nanoscience and nanotechnology approaches for the visual system in health and disease including: 1. D...

Eddy current, Ultrasonic, and metal flaw detector

Develop and design instruments that can examine the structural integrity of metallic and non metallic structures. The challenge is to devise instruments based on microprocessors that are not restricte...

Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound System

Develop and design refurbished cardiac ultrasound systems that can perform imaging up to 4D, and color Doppler effectively. The challenge is to design a cardiac ultrasound machine that can offer DICOM...

Acoustics Doppler Profiler for Moored and Underway Current Profiling

Design Acoustics Doppler Profiler devices that can profile water currents up to 15m depth, with bin size not exceeding 25cm. Demonstrate profilers that can operate at frequencies larger than 1000 KHz,...

Acoustics Hailing Device with effective communication range up to 300 meters

Develop and design Acoustics Hailing Devices (AHDs) with in-built acoustic transducer that can receive and amplify audio signals from ruggedized digital PMPs and project these for establishing efficie...

Joint UK-China Call in Nanospintronics

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) have formed a partnership to fund research into Nanospintronics. Proposals mu...

Vaccine Delivery Technologies

Develop a prospective cost-effectiveness analysis model that assesses in a developing country setting the potential cost-effectiveness of novel vaccine delivery technologies encompassing one or more i...

Research & Technology Development Grant Program (Washington State, USA)

Washington Technology Center competitively awards $1 million annually to applied research projects that show strong potential for generating long-term economic impact in Washington state. Funding thro...

Personal Air Vehicle Technology

Define new and innovative technology components that enable building a vehicle which can either be used as a 2-4 person ground transport that can both drive on roads or be changed into a flying craft

Electronics, Photonics & Device Technologies

The Electronics, Photonics and Device Technologies (EPDT) program seeks to improve the fundamental understanding of devices and components based on the principles of micro and nano electronics, photon...

Develop a Radiant System Module for the Simulation and Analysis of Spaces and Systems

Develop a radiation exchange module The proposed module will provide the basic algorithm and equations to accurately model whole building radiant energy as it affects comfort, demand for HVAC, and en...

Glass wool Production Line

Glass wool Melting Furnace capacity of 2-3 ton / hr on the basis of fuel oil energy source Air and hot blast requirements( Fans capacities) Fuel Consumption per hour Burners specs. refractory spec...

Wifi cellular charger

A two piece charger set. Home based with a wifi capability. Whether your in your room in the kitchen or outside mowing the lawn, your phone will never stop charging. Plug in the base anwhere, plug

Rotational moulding/Laser engraving

I require a Rotational moulding shop with laser engraving capability. Country location not critical, expertise is. Material, probably HDPE with extended UV stability. Simple standard mould for one or...

Rolling Up machine for mineral wool felts

Automatic Rolling Up machine for mineral wool felts that can be modified depends on the roll diameter and felt thickness.



Transmit of an event by internet

Send images of an event over the internet to be seen on computers with 256k bandwidth.

Ice Dry Maker


The model wand

A small, light weight device much like the "clear zone" except no wires or gels etc. The device will be fully rechargeable and portable. Its functions include laser/light for: -muscle stimulation

Online Wagering and Video Games

The buyer is actively searching for patents to acquire in the online gaming and video console space. The areas of interest are in player management and account management systems for online game po...

Audio Video Technology

Overview: The buyer is actively searching for individual patents or patent portfolios related to video and audio delivery and play back on consoles, handsets and a wide range of consumer electronics

Cell Phone Patents

Patents Related to Wireless Handsets, PDA's & Other Mobile Devices. Overview: The buyer is seeking mobile telephone, PDA or any form of mobile handset patents. Areas of interest include user inter...

Flash Memory Patents

Large corporate is looking to acquire patent portfolios in Flash memory. Overview: If you have patents related to Flash and solid state memory that you would consider selling, please let us know.

CMOS Image Sensor Patents

Acquiring patents and portfolios involving CMOS and related semiconductor devices Overview: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors are one of the two main types of image sensors used in digital

Digital SLR and other Still Image Capture Devices

Overview: The company is searching for patents related to camera operations including shutters, exposure, sensors, anti-shake, lens, focusing, flash, data transfer, image compression, etc. Patents...

Communications Investor Seeking Derivative Portfolios

Looking to Acquire Substantive Patent Portfolios > US$ 20 million Overview: An intellectual property investor is interested in acquiring significant patent portfolios in the following technology s...

Inkjet Printing Patents

Inkjet printer manufacturer looking to acquire patents in this space Overview: The company is seeking patents to support their consumer oriented printing operations. Patents related to next genera...

LED Patents and Technologies

Medium size corporate looking to acquire patents and intellectual property related to LED lighting. Overview: The buyer is involved in supplying electronics, high output, low power lighting compon...

Large Buyer Seeking Diversified Portfolios

Investment company seeking portfolios in Networking, Mobile, Memory and Video. Client seeking greater than 50 patents per portfolio. Acquisition budgeted. Overview * Networking area: DSL, Cable m...