Force-Field Analysis

Background: Kurt Lewin developed Force-Field Analysis as a technique for examining the forces that influence a situation.

Force-Field Analysis

The principles of the technique have made contributions to a number of social sciences. The thinking technique builds upon Lewin's analytical tool.

How to Use Force-Field Analysis

  1. A facilitator writes a short description of a problem or situation where all members of the group can see it.
  2. The facilitator directs the group to name forces that wither help or hinder the movement from a problem situation to its solution.
  3. With the concensus of the group, the facilitator lists each force on the "help" or "hinder" area, above and below the description of the problem or current situation.
  4. Arrows can be used to indicate the distance at which the forces help or hinder a solution as well as the strength at which each force or combination of forces drives toward or away from a solution.
  5. After the group appears to have exhausted the list of forces, the facilitator leads a discussion, the aim of which is to find combinations of forces that will strengthen the positive and weaken the negative forces that act upon the situation.

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