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Open Innovation Services
What We Do

IdeaConnection has a vast membership and large network
of highly educated, creative experts ready to focus on solving your challenges.

Our flexible approach tailors problem solving to fit your needs,
and you control costs by determining your own award amounts.

The following are some of the ways you can use these exceptional people
to solve your innovation challenges:

R&D Problem Solving Innovation Challenges
Problem Solving
Teams of diversified Problem Solvers
work to solve your public or
confidential challenges...

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Beyond databases, beyond
Google search, our human networks
unearth relevant technologies...

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Technology Scouting

Open Innovation
Portal Support
Maximize your innovation portal's success
with active outreach, traffic generation,
marketing, and submission screening...

An intense week of
brainstorming with a
hundred experts in your field...

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Prior Art Citation Search
Prior Art
Citation Search
Obscure documents uncovered
by our network of researchers...

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Proactive outreach programs
find cutting edge breakthroughs
before they become public...

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Technology Scouting

Prize-based contests
harvest crowdsourced ideas,
while publicizing your cause...

Find applicants with
unique skill sets using our
extensive network...

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Executive Headhunting
Challenge Writing
Polish your challenge definition
to maximize its effectiveness
in delivering solutions...

Contact Us

Contact us and discover which approach to problem solving
best addresses your open innovation needs.

Email Us Today

or call 1-877-525-6671 x101 in North America,
1-250-483-6328 International.

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