Affiliate Program

This is the highest paying Affiliate Program that we know of, paying $2,000 USD for a successful problem solving transaction.*

Earn commissions by placing IdeaConnection banners on related websites. IdeaConnection will pay for each successful sale resulting from your banner placement.

Affiliate Program

Collaborative Problem Solving

More and more companies are outsourcing "Challenges." We have a track record of solving these problems by accessing thousands of brilliant minds from around the world.
$2,000 for a minimum $20,000 USD sale that results in an accepted solution.

Ideation Contest

Hundreds of millions of dollars are given away each year as prizes for contests ranging from product promotions to scientific development.
$2,000 for a minimum $10,000 USD sale.

Crowdsell Patented Technologies and Inventions

An effective way to sell by listing on one of the world's largest databases of technololgies, patents and intellectual property for sale. Direct confidential contact with the licensee or broker.
$10.00 for a $49.95 USD sale.

The type of websites and blogs that the problem solving Affiliate Program will work on are ones whose visitors are people, businesses, non-profits and government agencies, who are interested in open innovation, ideas, contests, patents, and problem solving.

The type of websites that will make you money for crowdselling inventions are ones where people look at new gadgets and inventions, etc.

Payments are issued within seven days of the client's funds clearing our bank account. You will be paid for repeat sales for two years.

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*If you know of an Affiliate Program that pays more per transaction, please let us know, and we will change our claim.

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