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Want to source hundreds of ideas and gain exposure for your cause?

Run an Ideation Contest with IdeaConnection and reap the benefits of crowdsourcing your contest to thousands of our problem solvers, as well as our Facebook and Twitter followers.

Take a look at some of the thousands of problem solvers that will instantly be notified of your contest.

Attract excellence! Get fresh, creative, innovative ideas fast. Initiate your contest challenge, transfer your funds, and you'll start getting ideas in a matter of hours.

By running your contest here, it will be viewed by innovators, inventors, artists, scientists and scholars through:

  • Exposure to IdeaConnection's website visitors – more than 1 million per year
  • Exposure to 40,000+ IdeaConnection bi-weekly Open Innovation Newsletter readers
  • Exposure to IdeaConnection's thousands of registered innovators and Problem Solvers
  • Exposure to the thousands of people who have signed up to be emailed notification of new challenges
  • Twitter posting to IdeaConnection's 10,000+ followers
  • Facebook posting

Your challenge page can be branded with your company identity, or you can remain anonymous. Non-profit organizations may also include a link directly to their donation page.

You Set the Price

Minimum amount to initiate a contest challenge: $2,000 USD.
Recommended maximim amount for your challenge: $100,000.

A higher award amount will:

  1. give you more exposure by increasing marketing to your target audience,
  2. attract a higher level of expertise, especially for scientific or engineering contests.

You will be given access to a secure portal where you can see all submissions to your contest.

You can use all the ideas submitted to your contest. All ideas are non-confidential. You can choose your winners, or IdeaConnection can do it for you.

It's easy to conduct an Ideation Contest and harvest crowdsourced ideas quickly and inexpensively. Enter your contest requirements and start receiving your ideas today.

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