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Whether your project encompases big data, machine learning, predictive analytics or optimization, IdeaConnection can provide the artificial intelligence solutions you need.

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With three paths available, you can choose the approach that will best achieve your AI goals.


To explore breakthrough thinking for difficult AI queries, initiate a prize-based challenge to be worked on by multiple competing teams. Award the team that delivers a winning solution.

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Engage IdeaConnection to perform an evaluation of your AI project's scope. We will prepare a comprehensive bid and assemble the necessary personnel to complete the work.

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Hire AI consultants to work on your AI project. With expertise in theoretical and practical applications, we can provide the best experts to fulfil your well-defined needs.

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AI demand

The demand for AI expertise is growing exponentially and encompasses virtually every industry including applications for: financial risk assessment, fraud detection, medical diagnostics, cyber security and analysis, data security, warehouse monitoring, social media analytics, AI bots, online search, and personalized educational programs. Convert your data into value with applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI Consultants
Step into the future

The time is now

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are developing at an ever-increasing pace. To stay abreast of these changes, it is important to develop your AI stragegy now. Whether you need a narrow AI application to address a specific task, or are looking at a long-term goal of general AI capabilities, the impact of AI on your business will become more critical every day.

A big data case study

Partnering with IdeaConnection, Syngenta initiated a big data project seeking new technologies to develop soybeans with a higher yield. Not only did the solution save more than $287 million in R&D costs, it also improved portfolio value to exceed $1.5 billion due the positive impace on soybean yield, and also garnered Syngenta the coveted Franz Edelman Award for excellence in applying advanced analytics.

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A comprehensive approach

Whether your need is a multi-phase, multi-year endeavour, or a month-long project, IdeaConnection provides hand-on, industry-proven acumen, from ascertaining project scope and initial feasibility assessment, to architecture development and implementation, and finalizes with solution testing that ensures you are completely satisfied with the deliverables.

Break new ground
Break new ground


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