Why Didn’t I think of that?

Frustration often begets creativity and innovation.

I really hate having to get the very last remaining bit of toothpaste that collects up at the bottom of the tube.

Well, this new toothpaste tube (designed by Dominic Wilcox and illustrated by Clare Mallison) solves this problem by putting a cap at both ends.

Now when you (or your partner) keep squeezing from the front or middle of the tube, no need to get angry – you can simply open up the other end to get the rest out! It also does the double duty of fixing the problem of your partner gumming up one side of the tube because you can each have your own end cap.


Teams do it Better



Actually, it’s probably harder to get the last bit out, as you can’t roll up the end to force the toothpaste out. You’ll end up with *two* ends of unusable paste!

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