A Spoonful of Open Innovation for Drug Discovery

April 9, 2012 By IdeaConnection
Image by sixninepixels
Image by sixninepixels

“Realistically speaking, open innovation is the future of drug development.” That’s the view expressed by Samir Brahmachari, director general, CSIR (the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – India) in an interview with Forbes India on drug discovery and open innovation.

In How Open Source Drug Discovery Is Helping India Develop New Drugs, Seema Singh writes about how an OI approach is helping to develop drugs that pharma companies don’t find attractive.

By providing a platform for idea sharing, open innovation removes institutional barriers to allow the free flow of ideas and offers the potential to speed up the drug discovery process and make clinical trials more effective and efficient. Harnessing communal wisdom could be of immense value in the development of new therapeutics.

Highlights of the Forbes India article:

  • The view of T. Balganesh, the chief of the OSDD (Open Source Drug Discovery) drug development unit that the big pharma model of drug discovery is falling apart. “We need to break away from the big pharma mould and try risky routes… look for a big shift in the discovery process,” he said.
  • India must go it alone to develop drugs for neglected diseases.
  • OI can provide a remedy to the limited drug development expertise in the industry.

Current Research

OSDD is currently focusing attention on TB drug development and has pulled together a crowd of 5,500 participants from 130 countries, with 80 percent of the participants coming from India.

To find out more about Open Source Drug Discovery click here.

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