Shrek Gets the Crowdsourcing Treatment

November 26, 2018 By IdeaConnection

Shrek crowdsourcedA new Shrek movie is coming! Not a sequel of the global franchise but a crowdsourced film made entirely by fans. It's called Shrek Retold and it is a shot-by-shot remake of the animated classic, all 90 minutes of it.

This isn't the first blockbuster to have been given the crowdsourced remake treatment. We already have fan versions of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars: A New Hope to name but a few.

With the Shrek remake, more than 200 artists came together to recreate every scene from the 2001 movie in their own original styles. So, there is a mixture of live action and animated sequences that all differ in levels of quality and exuberance.

With these sorts of remakes, participants recreate a small portion of the film and are told to make sure it follows the plot and tone of the original scene/s.  With Shrek Retold artists were just advised to “keep it Shrek”.

Exposure for Artists

This retelling of Shrek is the brainchild of Grant Duffrin, an artist who founded Shrek Fest, an annual Shrek-themed festival.  In a video essay, he explained one of the reasons why these sorts of crowdsourced projects are good for artists to get involved with.

"It’s hard to be an artist and have people care about your stuff," he remarks, "and with the Shrek remake, it’s like, yes, I get to basically make a feature and everybody cares about it."

You can watch the official trailer below.


Shrek Retold will be available on the YouTube channel of 3GI Industries on November 29th.

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