AI Puts Harrison Ford in Solo Prequel

October 19, 2018 By IdeaConnection

The force is most definitely with artificial intelligence.

A Star Wars fan has used deep learning to insert a younger looking Harrison Ford into Solo: A Star Wars Story, the prequel film that was released earlier this year.

These days digital effects and CGI can do just about anything from creating whole new worlds to making older actors look like their younger selves for flashback sequences.  They can also resurrect dead actors on the big screen as we have seen with Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing in recent outings from the Star Wars stable.

However, technology or indeed nature does have its limits.  When you have an actor of advanced years, and Harrison Ford is 76, making them appear like they were in their mid-thirties or younger is nigh on impossible.  However, AI has done an outstandingly good job of putting Ford into the movie.  The effort has been uploaded to the Derpfakes YouTube channel which post videos that demonstrate the capabilities of image processing using artificial intelligence.

How it Works

The way it works is that using deep learning, an AI program is able to analyse a large collection of photos of a given person and compile a database of them in a variety of positions and poses.  Then it can perform an automatic face replacement on a selected clip.

The results are impressive and could become another useful tool for filmmakers.

Are the results better than what Hollywood can currently do?

See for yourself when you view the clip below.  


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