Can Open Innovation Provide Better Care for Patients?

April 12, 2012 By IdeaConnection
Image by photostock
Image by photostock

One of the boons of open innovation is that it can be used not only to boost business bottom lines but also for the common good, such as initiatives to eradicate disease and improve health and well being of patients. For example, GE’s Healthymagination Innovation Challenge.

The Janssen Connected Care Challenge is also concerned about our health as it’s on the lookout for “technology-enabled, scalable solutions to improve care for patients as they are discharged from the hospital.”

Recently, the crowdsourcing competition announced that three finalists will receive $50,000 to further develop their ideas.

Janssen Healthcare Innovation, a team within Janssen Research & Development, LLC., (Janssen) were inspired to come up with the challenge after identifying care transitions as an area in need of improvement.

“The current lack of effective coordinated care is a significant limitation of our healthcare system, increases the costs of our federal healthcare programs, and negatively impacts individuals’ lives,” said Diego Miralles, M.D., Head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation.

Janssen embarked on its open innovation initiative because it wanted to solicit the help of a wider range of expertise and capabilities.  “We know greatness is achieved when we work together.”

The finalists retain ownership of their ideas and are currently being given expert guidance to help them present a prototype to a panel of judges on May 10, 2012.

The three finalists are:

Cara Health – Cara Health’s system with machine learning capabilities guides non-clinical staff through adaptive telephone conversations to identify patients at high risk of hospital readmission.

Care Rocket – The Care Rocket risk-assessment tool creates a portrait of the hospital patient within 24 hours of admission in order to design a patient-centric, post-discharge care plan.

Discharge Decision Support System: D2S2 – D2S2 is a proprietary discharge decision support system that assembles and scores key data upon admission to identify patients at risk for 30-day readmissions.

The overall winner will be announced on May 23, 2012 and will receive $100,000 to help them bring their concept to market.

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