Cutting-Edge Robots at the World Robot Conference

August 23, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Cutting-edge robotThe World Robot Conference is currently taking place in Beijing, China, and innovators from all over the world are showing off their advanced technologies.

Among them are a biometric robotic fish, a bionic seagull with flapping wings and a robotic artist that can draw portraits.

The exhibition area covers 52,000 square meters and houses more than 600 exhibitors who are displaying their achievements in industrial robots, service robots, special-purpose robots and artificial intelligence among other technologies.

“Robots, which are traditionally used for carrying or assembling things, are becoming more intelligent and more capable of performing delicate tasks. They are being rapidly put to use in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and daily life,” said Beijing Mayor Chen Jining.

Big Impact

Also making a big impression at the conference are a piano playing pair of robot arms, an intelligent quadruped robot that's demonstrating its ability as a rescue worker and a humanoid robot called Walker.

The conference is also hosting a number of robot contests including a BCI (brain-computer interface) controlled robot contest and an industrial robot contest. There are also discussions and presentations that explore a number of robot and society related issues. Among them is the impact of the robot revolution on social development in the future, focusing on industrial applications, strategic development, and other areas.

For More Information

The conference opened on Tuesday and will close on Sunday. For more information about the technologies and robots on display and to see pictures and videos, click here for the event’s official website.

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