Robot Surgeons Set to Transform Operations in UK

September 18, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Robot SurgeonA team of surgical robots is set to join the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to help medical teams in operating theaters across the country.

The move, according to the makers of the robots will revolutionize operations.

The NHS has created a £50 million ($62 million) framework for surgical robotic equipment and currently, a handful of surgeons are trying out the technologies before they are rolled out to hospitals. The system involves using computers to control four robotic arms that are holding surgical instruments.

The United Kingdom’s Royal College of Surgeons points out the robots will not replace humans, and doctors will always be in control of operations.

“The robot is not going to be taking over what surgeons do,” said Richard Kerr from the Royal College of Surgeons in an interview with Euro News.

“The robot will become an integral part of the tools that surgeons use to carry out operations on their patients. Now, maybe in the long-distance, 20 years down the line, there may be some aspects of surgery that are delivered by robots.”

Less Invasive Surgery

The company behind the robots, CMR Surgical claim that their technologies will allow more patients to have less invasive surgery which will result in reduced pain and a speedier return to work.

If all goes well with the trials CMR Surgical will roll them out to UK hospitals before trying to put the system in many hospitals all over the world.

See the robots in action by watching the short video below.


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