Robots are Set to Build a Robot Science Museum

February 22, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Robots Build Robot MuseumSo, you want to construct a museum dedicated to robotics to showcase past and present achievements and present ambitions for the future.  How are you going to get it built?

With the help of a few robots of course.  That is the intention of Turkish firm Melike Altinisik Architects (MAA) which recently announced it had won an international competition to design the Robot Science Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

“The new Robot Science Museum (RSM) which plays a catalytic role in advancing and promoting science, technology, and innovation throughout society is not only going to exhibit robots but actually from design, manufacturing to construction and services robots will be in charge,” said Melike Altınışık, Principal of MAA.

“In other words, RSM will start its ‘first exhibition’ with ‘its own construction’ by robots on site,” she added.

Although MAA says the robots "will be in charge" of designing, manufacturing and constructing the building that's probably a little bit of hype to generate interest.  However, no matter their roles robots will be integral to the creation of the facility.

Robots’ Roles

It is being reported that systems of robots will mold and assemble the building’s metal plates, as well as 3D-print its concrete landscape.

Construction is due to begin next year, and the museum will be a branch of the Seoul Metropolitan Museum. It is set to open in 2022.

To discover more about the architecture of the Robot Science Museum and the role of the robots in its construction click here for an article that appeared in World Architecture.

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