The Rise of the Robot Butler

May 10, 2019 By IdeaConnection

Robot ButlerMany sci-fi fantasies of yesteryear are now everyday reality but when it comes to robotic butlers we've been slow off the starting block - until now that is.

A Japanese startup called Mira Robotics is gearing up for the launch of its Ugo robot which will be operated by remote workers.

Despite the many monumental advances in the field of robotics performing household chores such as ironing and folding clothes is incredibly difficult for robots. It involves an understanding of how soft materials deform, perception of visual clues and manual dexterity.  And the technology is very expensive.

But instead of waiting for the technology to catch up with our imagination and for prices to come down Mira is stepping in by offering a remote-controlled robotic Jeeves.

Subscription Service

The two-armed droid weighs about 72 kilograms and can perform a number of tasks such as removing clothes from washing machines and hanging them up to dry. Customers will pay a monthly subscription for around six to eight hours of cleaning.

At the moment, Mira says it’s developing virtual reality motion controllers for operators, which will work on PCs and laptops via a custom app.

Mira Robotics plans to conduct beta testing later in the summer, and launch the service in May 2020.

If all goes well, the company will expand the service to a raft of other household chores. They include receiving mail when householders are away and looking after pets.

Below is a short video of Ugo in action.


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