Interview with a Successful Problem Solver

February 4, 2010 By Kristeen

Mechanical engineer, Andrew Kyle, has worked on six challenges with IdeaConnection, and recently spoke with us about his experiences as a problems solver. He “likes the collaborative side of things; you get to work with a facilitator and a select team. So it supplements your knowledge with other people’s knowledge. You work with people that are out of your comfort zone which I really enjoy because it pushes you to do more research into a challenge and push back against other people and really make innovative kinds of solutions.”

Andrew was financially rewarded for successfully completing one challenge involving the affect of upstream energy production load balancing. In regards to the facilitators, he felt they “really helped to keep people on schedule and to make sure everyone is contributing. They don’t force people, but if someone’s promised something, they’ll remind them to contribute that.” Andrew is currently working on several other innovation challenges.

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