Nokia’s Latest Open Innovation Challenge

August 12, 2015 By IdeaConnection

nn_oic_2015_sectors_566pxNokia’s third consecutive open innovation challenge is up and running and is inviting participants to submit their brilliant ideas, technologies and business models for the internet of things (IoT).

At the moment, the internet of things is an exciting vision, a possible development where billions of everyday objects will have network connectivity, allowing them to transfer and receive data.

Game-Changing Connectivity

Advocates believe this could be a game-changer that transforms our lives in more ways than the last 20 years of internet and mobile phone connectivity. They envision such scenarios as being able to monitor the security of your house from anywhere in the world and doctors receiving live feeds of a patient’s vital signs no matter where they are located.

Then there are the oft-promised more intelligent household appliances.  Basically, the vision for the concept is ever expanding and there is probably a world of possibilities that we can’t even think of at the moment.

Nokia sees a heap of potential in this field, with numerous possibilities for consumers, industries and societies.

Opportunities for Innovators

Nokia’s open innovation contest is accepting submissions until September 20 and winners will have the chance to leverage the company’s global reach and connectivity expertise.  Other promising ideas may receive backing from Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), its investment arm.

“I am personally committed to champion the best innovations towards global market success together with Nokia,” said Hossein Moiin, Executive Vice President and CTO for Nokia Networks.

For more details about the challenge, watch the video below.

To register for the challenge, click here.

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