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April 26, 2011 By Aminda

Innovation intermediary Innocentive has announced recent partnerships that should advance the availability and visibility of innovation challenges in the scientific community.

First, in partnership with Popular Science Magazine, an online challenge forum will be co-hosted on and Known as the “Pavilion”, it will host an exclusive set of challenges in a variety of scientific disciplines, posted by corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The magazine will also devise its own Challenges, the first of which will launch in May when the Pavilion goes live.

“Popular Science readers are intensely curious and passionate about the future, and this is an extraordinary opportunity for them to have a hand in shaping it,” said Mark Jannot, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. “Some of the most ingenious solutions to scientific hurdles have come from those outside the field, and we’re thrilled to join with InnoCentive to bring that spirit of innovation and creativity to our audience.”

The next announcement from Innocentive is a partnership with Life Technologies for the first phase of the $7 million Life Grand Challenges. A Grand Challenge is a well-formed problem – or series of problems – whose solution has high value and far-reaching consequences in the areas of human health, public safety, education, the environment, and energy.

The first three Grand Challenges focus on doubling the scalability, speed, and accuracy of its Life Technologies Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM)™, an instrument which sequences segments of the genome.

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