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IdeaFlow idea management software


IdeaFlow® is an enterprise crowdsourcing solution that puts all of the resources of your company at your fingertips with an on-demand, human-powered knowledge management platform that is both scalable and secure.

Accept360 logo


Accept360 Agile help you innovate with greater certainty and speed. The Accept360 Agile module was designed to support the needs of todays distributed agile team dynamics – creating the ideal system for coordinating multiple teams, improving visibility, and managing dependencies

Axiom Idea Reservoir logo

Axiom Idea Reservoir

Idea Reservoir is an interactive knowledge management tool that helps your organization capture new product and service ideas

AXON Idea Processor logo

AXON Idea Processor

A visualization tool for thinkers. The Axon Idea Processor provides a specially designed environment that supports and empowers the thinking processes. Objects and Links form the basic entities for idea processing. These entities are displayed in a multi-level, 3D workspace.

BrainBank logo


Brainstorming, co-creating, collaborating, voting, analyzing, developing, testing, validating, monetizing, implementing and measuring benefits - that's where the battle for innovation is won.

Brainstorming Room logo

Brainstorming Room

A brainstorming room is a private space for you to brainstorm online with a team you invite.Pay as you go, no long-term contracts, no sign-up fee, no termination fee, cancel at any time

Brightidea Innovation Management Software logo

Brightidea Innovation Management Software

Brightidea is the market leader in Cloud-Based Enterprise Innovation Management.

BrightSpark Idea Management logo

BrightSpark Idea Management

The BrightSpark Idea Management System allows you to empower and engage your colleagues while providing a mechanism for the best cost saving and productivity enhancing ideas to see the light of Day.

CogniStreamer® logo


CogniStreamer® Innovation Portal is an open innovation and collaboration platform where internal colleagues and external partner companies or knowledge centers join forces to create, enrich and assess innovative ideas within strategically selected areas

Comapping logo


Comapping is online software to manage and share information. Use it to take notes, plan and organize. It's a way to have one set of notes. One set of files. For everyone.

CorasWorks logo


Increasingly, companies are competing based on their ability to effectively innovate.

Corso Innovation Management logo

Corso Innovation Management

Corso Innovation Management enables enterprises run engaging idea campaigns, build communities around strategic innovation goals and challenges, capture new ideas, and evaluate the impact of the most promising concepts on the organization before implementing.

CovalentWorks logo


Cloud software helping inventors become EDI compliant and get their product on retailer's shelves.

Critflow Innovation Tools logo

Critflow Innovation Tools

Result-oriented, customizable Software solutions to enhance the Innovation process according to your organization´s strategies, goals and challenges.

CrowdLogic logo


CrowdLogic - Software to generate, evaluate, and prioritize ideas and innovations that improve your business. Find out which are the best and understand the reasons why.

DataStation Innovation Cloud logo

DataStation Innovation Cloud

DataStation is a complete innovation management platform covering whole innovation cycle - from capturing best ideas to leading projects to the market launch.

e-Zassi | Open Innovation with IP Protection logo

e-Zassi | Open Innovation with IP Protection

e-Zassi Open Innovation software expands the reach of your ideation initiatives to both internal and external ideation sources while protecting the intellectual property rights of your organization.

eSuggestion logo


An electronic suggestion box that pushes staff suggestions through the approval system – from evaluation to implementation.

Eureka logo


Brainstorming is a social function and Eureka merges the best of social collaboration features with advanced evaluation and execution functions to guarantee your ideas are acted upon.

Eureka Tool logo

Eureka Tool

Eureka is the talk of innovation. Eureka is effective for crowdsourcing, allowing users to collaborate and vote. Enterprises can use it as the foundation for their innovation and Continuous Improvement processes.

Exago - Idea Market logo

Exago - Idea Market

Exago - Idea Market Exago’s world leading idea management software and services (US patented model) will help you bring innovation results to your business.

GB TRIZ logo


Guided Brainstorming using the TRIZ Innovation Principles.

Guided Brainstorming Companion (GBC) logo

Guided Brainstorming Companion (GBC)

Uses TRIZ system of inventive principles to bring both structue an creativity to problem solving and brainstorming sessions

HunchBuzz idea and innovation software logo

HunchBuzz idea and innovation software

Online suggestion box for customers and employees that rewards participation.

HYPE logo


HYPE Innovation is a global leader in end-to-end innovation management software. HYPE’s powerful platform allows organizations to engage thousands of employees in idea generation and collaborative problem solving.

i2m - Ideas to Market logo

i2m - Ideas to Market

i2m is market research software that helps validate the innovation process. From entrepreneurs with new ideas, to medium businesses doing R&D i2m provides the guidance, support and resources required for successful commercial exploitation new ideas.

id-Force logo


id-Force is the modern idea management solution for every company of every size – from the small business to the ultinational corporation.

Idea Exchange logo

Idea Exchange

Idea Exchange is idea management software.You can publish, rate and collaborate on ideas.Users identify the best ideas by investing in them.Itʼs fun and relevant

Idea Jam logo

Idea Jam

Idea and innovation management software for the enterprise. Our IdeaJam software drives innovation by helping companies understand which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are not, and most importantly why.

Idea Management Software logo

Idea Management Software

Our employee engagement and idea management software makes people part of the process. Commitment follows because they now have a stake in the outcome!

Idea-Matic logo


Empower idea management, increase innovation and operational excellence

IdeaFlow® logo


IdeaFlow® is an enterprise crowdsourcing solution that puts all of the resources of your company at your fingertips with an on-demand, human-powered knowledge management platform that is both scalable and secure.

IdeaScale logo


IdeaScale, the innovation management software, enables companies to build living/breathing Digg style communities. IdeaScale is based on the simple model of crowdsourcing.

IdeasCount logo


IdeasCount is a unique, affordable idea management suite. It is modeled after the highly successful idea systems used by Toyota, Dana, GM and others.

IdeasMine logo


The Power of Collaborative Ideas. Powerful Collaborative Ideas and Innovation Management System.

iKnowBrainer Innovation & Creativity App App logo

iKnowBrainer Innovation & Creativity App App

iKnowBrainer helps you generate, plan and organize ideas. This App guides you through the proven Accelerated Innovation® process that includes these 4 stages: 1) Investigate Needs, 2) Create Ideas, 3) Evaluate Solutions, and 4) Activate Plans

imaginatik logo


By partnering with Imaginatik, you assess best practices, industry know-how and an on-demand SaaS innovation platform to achieve Innovation Outcomes instead of just endless lists of ideas, or innovation projects that lack results.

Innovaro LaunchPad logo

Innovaro LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a SaaS software solution that blends advanced technology with proven innovation methodologies to fuel successful innovation to drive top line revenue growth and profitable business results.

Innovation Café logo

Innovation Café

Our software platform is a world class software-as-a-service crowdsourcing innovation management platform. Innovation Café provides an advanced platform for organizations to create, engage and grow their innovation communities.

Innovation Cloud logo

Innovation Cloud

Innovation Cloud is forever free online Idea management software. Amazingly simple, yet extraordinary powerful out of the box solution for creative teams.It equips you with everything you need to collect, co-develop and execute your team ideas.

Innovation Director logo

Innovation Director

Innovation Director makes it easy for you to find the right ideas – the ones that fit your company’s needs – and nurture them so they can go from concept to reality.

Innovation eLearning logo

Innovation eLearning

High-quality innovation eLearning, including a growing library of eLearning for five different levels of Global Innovation Certification.

Innovation Factory | PIT (Power Ideas Together) logo

Innovation Factory | PIT (Power Ideas Together)

Innovation Factory provides a combination of the best software tools for innovation and consultants with a proven track record to ensure results.

InnovationCast logo


Pose challenges, capture and evolve ideas and work collaboratively on opportunities and projects, to translate your investment in innovation into value. InnovationCast is designed to support your company’s engagement in innovation from beginning to end.

Innovbook logo


Innovbook is an online service for idea management which is built to assist your company during its innovation process.

INOVA Software logo

INOVA Software

Inova Software, Inc. is the leading innovation software solutions provider. Our software identifies the highest potential innovation opportunities from both internal and external networks.

INPAQT Idea Management Tool logo

INPAQT Idea Management Tool

The Idea Management Tool is one of the Management Systems of the Inpaqt Innovation Management Suite (IMS) toolbox. It is web-based and is easy to configure to meet the customer’s special requirements.

Inspiration Software, Inc. logo

Inspiration Software, Inc.

Inspiration is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows professionals to visually organize and communicate complex topics. Visual diagrams clarify patterns, interrelationships and interdependencies.

Intellexer logo


Intellexer SDK – semantic tools for corporate information management, sentiment analysis, summarization, categorization and text analytics.

Invention Machine Goldfire logo

Invention Machine Goldfire

Goldfire Innovation software seamlessly integrates proven innovation & idea generation methods with advanced technologies for accessing precise concepts from corporate and worldwide knowledge sources.

iRise logo


iRise software gives high fidelity and accurate simulations for business applications. It is easier to use as there is no coding involved, user can just drag and drop things onto the whiteboard to sketch simulations.

ISDE logo


ISDE is the number one supplier of suggestion scheme software in the UK. Our solutions support continuous improvement

Jenni Innovation Process Management logo

Jenni Innovation Process Management

Jenni is an easy to use, enterprise level software that enables you to capture innovative ideas from your employees as well as people outside your company, such as suppliers or customers if you wish.

Kindling logo


Kindling connects people to the right ideas – and each other – for better collaboration

LumoFlow logo


Establish a workspace for managing innovation from ideas to new business opportunities. Accelerate innovation with co-creation driven by clear strategic goals. Trusted by thousands of businesses.

MangoIdeas logo


MangoIdeas helps you manage your company's ideas from concept to completion. Ideas from the entire organization can be authored, shared, commented on and ultimately realized

MindApp logo


Easily create beautiful mind maps with MindApp. Organize your thoughts, brainstorm, capture meeting notes

MindGenius logo


Idea management software to help with planning, brainstorming, problem solving, mind mapping

MindMatters Technologies, Inc. logo

MindMatters Technologies, Inc.

Innovator Enterprise Innovation Management System is an on-demand application is pre-configured with best practices templates and enables you to get up and running quickly. When customized with an organization's "look and feel", it uses zero-learning interface to eliminate training issues.

MindMeister logo


Share and collaborate, working together with friends and colleagues has never been easier.

MingJet Mind Manager logo

MingJet Mind Manager

Mindjet provides productivity software that helps business professionals visually organize and act upon ideas, information and resources to drive productivity, team effectiveness and business innovation

MyWebspiration logo


MyWebspiration is a system that works with both the logical and creative sides of your brain. By combining logic and creativity, visual thinking helps organize information to quickly show you connections that wouldn't be apparent in a linear, written form.

Orbit Innovation Capture logo

Orbit Innovation Capture

Design challenges, foster ideas, check existing art in global database.Orbit innovation capture helps you get the right ideas and ensure it is not already published or protected. Viable ideas can become inventions thourgh Orbit inventor portal

OVO innovation Tools logo

OVO innovation Tools

Increases your ability to include everyone in the innovation process, reducing innovation cycle time.

PatentInspiration logo


A fast and intuitive interface to extract and analyse relevant information from patents. This open innovation tool gives a helicopter view on technology and maps technology transfer opportunities to build solid partnerships. Recycling existing technology from all industries boosts the efficiency of your research by lowering risks and avoiding reinvention.

PersonalBrain5 logo


PersonalBrain5 helps in visualizing relationships and connections between key concepts and ideas by quickly dragging and dropping files and Web pages into a single unified concept map.

Promax logo


Software for Ideas Generation and Prioritization

Qmarkets logo


Qmarkets is the leading provider of innovation management solutions for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors.

Relecura logo


Relecura is a powerful Patent and Portfolio Analysis Platform that simplifies tasks related to IP creation, prior-art searches, technology landscaping, and IP licensing.

Scientrix logo


Use a matrix logic to design solutions

Solving Mill logo

Solving Mill

Solving Mill is a promising type of computer product, a communicator software that is ready to help you solve non-trivial problems in engineering, advertizing, management, etc.

Sosius logo


The Sosius innovation application: treating people as individuals, getting closer to customers and partnering to accelerate innovation.

Spigit logo


Spigit is the #1 innovation management software for crowdsourcing innovation, and helps companies unleash the power of their employees, partners, and customers to drive innovation.

Strategiize logo


Strategiize is a Software as a Service tool for managing commercialisation ideas from concept to the marketplace. Strategiize provides an intelligent, non-linear, individually customised commercialisation plan that is easily updated and reportable, for as commercialisation projects as needed.

Teepin logo


Teepin is an idea management and channeling system that allows to engage and listen to everyone working at your organization

ThoughtOffice™ logo


ThoughtOffice™ is the most advanced idea innovation software in the world.

TREVIOS idea management logo

TREVIOS idea management

TREVIOS ideas management – software for suggestion systems and ideas management

Vetter logo


Vetter is an online suggestion system that helps companies get ideas from their team members, vet those ideas for quality and track and sort them afterwards.

Viima logo


Viima idea management software is the best way to collect and develop ideas, creating unprecedented levels of transparency, engagement and excitement for our customer companies with its effortless and visual UI. Viima is free for up to 50 users.

Vocoli logo


Vocoli is web-based team innovation software. It helps your employees suggest ideas to solve your company's biggest challenges — all in an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage the entire process. Drive innovation, promote engagement and capture great ideas. Be vocal in a big way!

Wazoku logo


Wazoku's Idea Spotlight is a web-based idea management tool that helps businesses of all sizes to uncover, filter and prioritise the best ideas.



WE THINQ helps change makers lead communities to create social impact. Develop ideas and get meaningful feedback with our software. See change happen.

WebStorm logo


WebStorm, is the first on-demand software to introduce a Corporate Social Networking application designed specifically for collecting and managing ideas.

Wiredforideas Elicio Ideas Management Software logo

Wiredforideas Elicio Ideas Management Software

Wiredforideas specialises in the delivery of robust high quality web based feedback and ideas management over secure internet, intranet or extranets.

Wridea logo


Wridea is a web service first to avoid ideas being forgotten, then to organize and improve those ideas by giving you the opportunity to share your ideas with friends and necessary tools to improve your ideas by yourself and individually

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