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Zulfiqar Ahmad star Proven Solver

Zulfiqar Ahmad
I am Zulfiqar Ahmad. My research interests lies in two main focal areas. The first is plant- microbe- interaction. The other area is the study of microbial surfactants (Biosurfactants), isolation of potential biosurfactants producing strains, their characterization, in-situ production of biosurfactants from inexpensive raw materials and application of these bio-molecules in waste water treatment (Petrochemical industry), suitable for meeting the standard of agriculture industry

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Waste Streams

Zulfiqar Ahmad's awards and commendations:

 Intermediate Higher secondary school 2002 Merit award
 Win Indigenous Ph.D. HEC Fellowship (2009-2013)
 Win HEC International Research Support Initiative Program Fellowship (2013-14)
Ideaconnection appreciation award (worth 1250$)