Problem Solver

Miguel Aon

Miguel Aon

Areas Miguel Aon is Knowledgeable in:

* Bioprocess and host cell optimization for production of biologics

* Microbial physiology and metabolism as applied to fermentation biotechnology

* Metabolism in metabolic disorders due to diabetes and obesity

* Role of mitochondria in diabetic cardiomyopathy

* Writing and editing scientific books

Techniques Miguel Aon Uses:

* Employ an integrated experimental and computational modeling approach.

* Apply multiple experimental techniques to the same problem seeking consistency in the answers obtained from each one of them.

Miguel Aon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Experienced in the use of radioactive tracers
  2. Mathematical modeling
  3. Mitochondrial physiology
  4. Two photon microscopy fluorescence imaging
  5. Monitoring and interpretation of heart function
  6. Soil biochemistry and microbiology
  7. Batch and continuous cell culture techniques
  8. Physiological and metabolic monitoring of cell culture performance
  9. Analysis and interpretation of time series of physiological variables
  10. Fluorometric detection of fluorescent probes

Miguel Aon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a procedure to translate metabolite profiles into metabolic fluxes, and applied it to heart function.
  2. Formulated research techniques and approach to demonstrate the role of mitochondrial energetics in heart failure.
  3. Implemented advanced imaging techniques to monitor biochemical processes in living cells, tissue and intact organs.
  4. Designed a reactor coupled to a gas detector to measure soil gases content (oxygen, carbon dioxide).
  5. Developed methods to measure enzymatic activity in soil samples.