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M A Greenstein

M A Greenstein Collaborations that really are committed to bringing artists, scientists, computational thinkers and programmers together for more productive innovation. (I concur with Conrad Wolfram: Recognize computation as a necessary step in a 4 step plan to use mathematics for design thinking and problem solving).

I have a keen interest in designing for space awareness, as well as biotech design for wellness and creativity enhancement, especially, addressing the mind/body, human/machine interface:

Creative Use for Robotics in Learning and Disability environs
Electronic Prosthetics for Space awareness tracking
Sensory Suits
Human-Machine interface:


-- nervous system, neuromuscular regeneration

-- neurosomatics/biomimicry for transforming mobility and sustainable systems

-- applied neurotech for somatic intelligence and tracking

-- virtual worlds for intelligence training, and traumatic stress reduction

-- thought controlled mobility devices for nervous system/ spinal chord injury, e.g., breath motivated wheelchair -- just revealed at INK conference in India!

Languages M A Greenstein speaks:

Je lit plus que je parle.