Are innovative people smart? Take a look at the educational achievements of these innovators and you'll agree they are a very impressive bunch! Two or three degrees are not uncommon, so you can see how hard working and diligent these innovative people are when it comes to upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Carissa Little
Carl Gullans
Carl Heifetz
Carl Lindquist
Carl Rowley
Carl Salmon
Carl Smith
Carl Thornley
Carl Trigg
Carl White
Carla Knuth
Carla Meadows
Carla Meadows
Carla Serra
Carla Sweetman
Carlo de Groote
Carlo Lippold
Carlo Saverio Iorio
Carlos Alves
Carlos Carrion
Carlos De Silva
Carlos Fischer
Carlos Flossbach
Carlos Minoli
Carlos Monteiro
Carlos Pagliari
Carlos Pelayo
Carlos Quintana
Carlos Rafael
Carlos Santos
Carlos Villacreses
Carlos Alfonso Aguilar Paredes
Carlos Eduardo Giraldo
Carlos Henrique Reis
Carlos Jesús Acosta Bermúdez
Carlos José Bécquer Granados
Carlton Holden
Carmela Nuzzi
Carmelo Sosa Gonzalez
Carmen Dominguez Sisto
Carmen Liang
Carmen Liebenberg
Carmen Reyes
Carmine D'Errico
Carol Blaney
Carol Franczek
Carol Hulland
Carol Lucas
Carol Miers
Carol-Ann Brown
Carol-Anne Drummond
Carole Coe
Carolin Scott
Carolina Bustos
Carolina Bustos
Carolina Castañeda
Caroline Barnett
Caroline Covell
Caroline Cray
Caroline Grice
Caroline Mbai
Caroline Stratas
Caroline Wachura
Carolyn Bartz
Carolyne Makokha
Carsten Nolte
Caryll Vheatrish Velasco
Casey Bettridge
Casey Klimasauskas
Casey Locklear
Casianes Olilo
Casper Mattsson
Cassandra Scott
Castro Olang
Catalin Dragoi
Catalina Catanaru
Catalina Geornoiu
Catalina Payne
Catherine Daly
Catherine Evangelio
Catherine Hawes
Catherine Kadar
Catherine Ndumba
Catherine Noll
Catherine Rutledge
Catherine Shimechero
Catherine Walker
Catherine Weiss
Cathie Currie
Cathy Acaster
Cathy Skora
Catryne Bazinet
Cavine Ogenya
Cayle Castor
Cecilia Brando-Garrido
Cecilia Okugo
Cecilia Tofterö
Cecille Bacal
Cecily Green
Cedric DuBard

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