Are innovative people smart? Take a look at the educational achievements of these innovators and you'll agree they are a very impressive bunch! Two or three degrees are not uncommon, so you can see how hard working and diligent these innovative people are when it comes to upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Channapatna Prakash
Chanpreet Singh
Chantal van Kempen
Charalampos Rallis
Charita kavya Gandluru
Charito Almanon-Kamatoy
Charito Almanon-Kamatoy
Charity Njau
Charlene Wong
Charlene Yumul
Charles Ani
Charles Binney
Charles Bleckmann
Charles Butiko
Charles Callanan
Charles Chambalango
Charles Chunn
Charles Cronenworth
Charles Ejerenwa
Charles Erie
Charles Gradle
Charles Hamilton
Charles Hurt
Charles John Bhaskar
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson
Charles Katz
Charles Lane
Charles Laster
Charles Lawrence
Charles Maina
Charles Mwaipopo
Charles Onuorah
Charles Pokoo
Charles Radley
Charles Rankin
Charles Stone
Charles Terrill
Charles Thaiya
Charles Thierry de Ville D'Avray
Charles Umeh
Charles Yorke
Charles Patrick Mc.Kenna
Charles Richard John Lalith
Charles Tieku Baah
Charlie Garland
Charloes William Isabirye
Charlotte White
Charul Bhatt
Charuvind Awale
Chase Aucoin
Chaterjee Sagnik
Chathura Deshan
Chathura Dilshan
Chathura Thehan
Chathurvedhi J
Chau Do
Chavah Golden
Chavi Mahajan
Che Gasmen
Cheay Shumski
Cheetirala Rohini Chaitanya Krishna
Chelaru Radu Andrei
Chelsea Greenwood
Chelsea Henderson
Cheng Hwee Sim
Chenggang Zhang
Chengyue Zhu
Chennuri Venkat Bharadwaj
Chepkemoi Millicent
Cherian O.S
Cherif Souami
Cherinet Gosaye
Cherry Tingson
Cherrylou McGovern
Cheryl Baker
Chest Nut
Chester Davis
Chester Tilly
Chetan Bansiwal
Chetan Basnet
Chetan Lahoti
Chetan Londhe
Chetan Mistry
Chetan Nagar
Chetan Rao
Chetan Sadgir
Chetana Krishnan
Chetanya Chaurasia
Chett Rubenstein
Chew Jin Chee
Chezky Kohn
Chhandak Basu
Chhayank Sengar
Chibuike Daniel
Chibuike Oduali
Chidiebere William
Chiedu Onwordi
Chih-Cheng Kuo
Chiheb Friaa

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