Problem Solver

Hitesh Arora

Areas Hitesh Arora is Knowledgeable in:

Materials science/engineering, nanotechnology, self-assembly, thermal materials, bonding materials, adhesives, high temperature stable materials, reliability, failure analysis.

Techniques Hitesh Arora Uses:

I like to break down problems into smaller fundamental, solvable parts, and then integrating solutions of the small individual problems to a complete solution.
I have had most success when I have taken inspiration from a completely different field with similar fundamental problems to formulate a solution.

Hitesh Arora's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. materials science, polymers, inorganic materials, nanotechnology, reliability, failure analysis

Hitesh Arora's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I demonstrated a novel method to generate nanostructured single crystal materials using block copolymer self-assembly. This work was published in high profile journal Science and covered through various scientific news agencies.

    - I developed materials to enable thermo-electric device performance at high temperatures (>350C).

    - I led projects at Intel Corporation to design next-generation of materials including thermal materials, adhesives for flip-chip packages. I was awarded Intel “high-5” patent award.