Innovation Consultant

LaVera Caston

As a consultant, I help to discover, develop, and implement ideas and creative ways to solve problems in science, medicine, scientific research and development and social service.

I am a grant and proposal writer and have earned funding for research and social service organizations. I have written proposals that became basic science research projects. I am inquisitive and appreciate the scientific method (5 W's) using questions to create, develop, implement, discover, and solve science and medical problems in our society.

To name a few, my interests are: Pharmaceutical and Basic Science Research, Biochemistry, Medicine, Biology, Adult Education, Human Services, Chemistry, Performing Arts, Marketing and Sales, Leadership, Music, Other Nursing and Health Care Sciences, Other Natural Sciences, Educational Policy and Ethics, Health Promotion/Advocacy, Medical Research, Health Care Ethics, Other Education, Forensics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Instruction, Non-Profit organizations, Curriculum Design and Development, Homeland and Global Security

LaVera Caston's consultancy:

Automobile Exhaust Pollution Challenge,
White Paper on Cell-Free Production Systems / Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Protocol for Pure DNA Isolation from Seed-Derived Immature Embryos,
Measuring Chemical Concentration by LC-MS Without Characterized Reference Standards