A device that works as sun thermal energy collector and storage tank at day time, and a D/C electricity generator after sun set, it can be hybrid with photovoltaic cells to form a 24H/day electrical generator.

Full Description:
This device has two working phases, in the 1st phase, it can collect the solar heat energy using a specially designed collectors during day time and store it in a thermal mass made of a special material.
In the 2nd phase, it can generate D/C electricity by inserting an array of special generators inside the thermal mass, both phases will be controlled by a micro processor. This device can be used as a hybrid with the photovoltaic cells or can be use by it self for a lot of uses, such as lighting, feeding house hold instruments and appliances, water pumps, and farms tools, running irrigation systems, feeding remote micro wave and communication towers.
This invention idea is to make a back up system for the solar cells, by hybrid my infrared collector/generator module with the solar cells module, we can have a continuous production of electricity 24H/day, all year round, with out the need of the old back up costly and hazardous batteries systems, making these technology safer and more environmentally friendly, in the same time, my invention is using the same semi conductors tech. used in the solar cells, this will reduce production time and cost, thus making this fine highly advanced solar cells affordable to vast number of users. Thus helping them to develop their regions and themselves and improve their families and children living standards.
Patent application number:- 12424437 /U.S.A. patent office
Status:- patent pending.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention give us a storing/generator tool, with out the needs of any kind of back up, or energy storage systems, thus by using it alone, or as a hybrid with the photovoltaic cells modules, we can get clean, un polluted energy, helps in reducing the use of harmful chemical and heavy metals batteries, it also gives us a flexible power generator can save the energy in case we do not need it, tell we need it again with out converting it, it eliminates the need of power generators. This invention can bring electricity to huge remote areas where it is most needed, thus encouraging and helping the residences to develop these areas, this will reduce the unwanted immigration to the already crowded polluted cities

Patent: US 12,424,437

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Invention #11562
Date posted: 2009-09-10

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