Solar Inventions

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It is to provide a submarine drones Rolling their extremities solar cells by a motor folds and unfolds toward the water surface, where it would not be necessary to emerge to the surface

Solar Cut

In solar power plants and heaters a heating medium such as oil is used for transferring the heat centralized by reflectors. But our invention uses a particular optic channel (similar to optic fiber) instead. This channel transfers the heat directly from parabolic reflectors to boilers and heats the water and changes it to steam. Using this optic channel instead of oil for transferring heat has a lot of advantages, because it makes solar power plants, heaters, cookers and other means cheaper and simpler and increases their effectiveness. In addition to these advantages it facilitates using sunlight in different applications. We call this method of transferring heat through optic channel, “solar cut” system.


A device that works as sun thermal energy collector and storage tank at day time, and a D/C electricity generator after sun set, it can be hybrid with photovoltaic cells to form a 24H/day electrical generator.


A device with 3 designs, that works as sun thermal energy collector, storage tank and feeder, to be used ( depends on the design ) for water heating, operating electrical generator, or generate a D/C electricity, continually during day and night, 24H/day.

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.