Solar Cut

In solar power plants and heaters a heating medium such as oil is used for transferring the heat centralized by reflectors. But our invention uses a particular optic channel (similar to optic fiber) instead. This channel transfers the heat directly from parabolic reflectors to boilers and heats the water and changes it to steam. Using this optic channel instead of oil for transferring heat has a lot of advantages, because it makes solar power plants, heaters, cookers and other means cheaper and simpler and increases their effectiveness. In addition to these advantages it facilitates using sunlight in different applications. We call this method of transferring heat through optic channel, “solar cut” system.

Full Description:
We all know that sun’s energy makes the earth bright and warm and makes life possible. But this energy is not reliable and an easy-to-use source for family needs. Mostly this is because of limited absorbing and transferring system of sun’s energy to users.

There is not much difficulty in absorbing sun’s heat and parabolic reflectors are being used effectively, but the main problem is transferring it into users. For solving this problem a kind of heating medium is used in solar power plants and heaters.

Using a heating medium has many problems and limitations, but we solve these problems by designing and producing particular optic channels which transfer the heat from parabolic reflectors to users. As a result you can use sun’s heat easily for heating water, cooking food, warming your houses, production of electricity, etc. It is estimated that by using this particular optic channel, you can save 30% of energy.

Solar cut system will be a great revolution in application of sun’s energy. For the problem of transferring the absorbed heat from parabolic reflector has been solved completely by optic channel. We reflect centralized light in optic channel with placing parabolic reflector or convex lens in front of sun. Sunlight and sun’s heat pass through channel and exit from its other end and is transferred to users. This optic channel is made of a transparent substance which transfers light effectively.

This system works like satellite dishes which receive radio frequencies and transfer it to receiver by wire. The heating receiver in solar cut can be a solar cooker, heater, boiler, power plant, radiator, dryer, furnace and any solar system.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention is made of a transparent substance which can transfer the sunlight centralized by parabolic reflectors directly to users.

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Date posted: 2010-08-18

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