Portable Bag Holder

It is a plastic device (equiped with suction cups to allow it to be affixed to most smooth surfaces) with elevated sides, that would, hold open, biodegradable bags with handholds. Incidental garbage would be placed in the open bag.

Full Description:
It is a rectangular device (10"w x 3"h x 6.25deep), made of ABS plastic with elevated sides ;to allow the device to hold Biodegradable plastic bags open; incidental garbage would then be placed in the bags (when the bags are full, they be disgarded). The rectangular device would be equipped with (friction fit) suction cups to allow the device and bags to be attached to almost any smooth surface such as car windows, or a Fridge. Also can be moved from location to location. The device is also designed with slots to allow it to be permanently attached with screws under kitchen sink.
The combined use of the Biodegradable Plastic Bags with the device would effectively assist in the reduction of volume in the landfill sites

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Collection of Incidental ngarbage at most locations

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US 519,701
CA 11,342

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Invention #11743
Date posted: 2012-03-25

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