Chemistry Hockey

Is about chemistry in the game on the logo.. can have a player creation that can be supported financially!

Full Description:
For the app game, Chemistry Hockey: The chemistry hockey is mostly about, chemistry. In order to play the strategic game,
you have to build some team's chemistry, through the team's logo, more chemistry, more potential. Within the game, you
could manage all the necessary managements including trades...and, you can create your own hockey player with desired
measurements also with financially supported skill points, which is payed by "game" buyers. And you can also watch
your team play, while your team is being controlled by a computer player. This game can be in any kind of sport. For
instants, NHL, NFL, NBA, soccer and MLB.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
None! But has not a patent.

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Available for consultation? No

Invention #11939
Date posted: 2014-02-27

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